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Income is unlimited here. But again, everything depends on your hardwork.

What is Image Verification ( Captcha )?

A security test to determine whether or not the user is human. This will
ensure that only human visitors will actually submit the form, and not
spamming bots that are browsing the web from site to site and submit spam
where they can. It is well known that programmers can do programs for many
jobs, including visiting a large amount of sites on the Internet by following
links from page to page and collect emails listed on websites, submit contact
forms, or even trying to break passwords by trying to login over and over again
with computer generated passwords.

Fortunately, it is impossible for a non-human ( ex. computer program ) to
extract a word or a combination of letters and numbers from an image, if
the letters and numbers are not all of the same size and of similar font.
This is why, the Image Verification security method ensures that only people
actually can submit a form.

Below is the screen shot of Captcha

So your work is to enter Captcha like shown above to earn money

We Provide Captcha work softwares(KB and Megatypers) with IDs

About Captcha work Softwares
1)   KB software details ::
Payment  :: $1 USD or Rs.40/-  for day time 2000 to 2500 correctly Captchas 
       Minimum Amount to withdraw :: $1 USD or Rs.40/-
       Priority to work :: There is no Priority
        Number  of IDs that will be given to user :: 4
        Work available :: 24 hours
        Work at any time :: yes
        Daily Compulsion to work :: No
        Minimum time to work once login :: 30 mins
        Time given for each Captcha to be entered  usually::  20 sec
        ID block type :: Temporary
        ID block time :: 50 minutes
        Payment Processor :: Webmoney ,Bank deposit
How to Type:: Type  alphabets(a to z )only in small cases,and digits (0 to 9) .no need of typing commas,fullstops and special symbols 

Do not Understand Captcha :: Use ' Esc ' button on keyboard to get new Captcha

Kb work demo

2) Qlink Wrok  Details 

1) There will be two softwares
a) Day time working software
   2000 Correct Captchas: 40/- ( 9.30am to 7.30pm )

b) Night time working software

   1600 Correct Captchas 40/- ( 7.30pm to 9.30am )
3) No of IDs give to user:: 2
4) Daily compulstion to work:: No
5) Withdraw time :: Weekly 
6) Withdraw mode :: Bank transfer
7) ID block type :: Permenent ( Id blocked you can't get that payment)
8) Do not Understand Captcha :: Use ' Esc ' button on keyboard to get new Captcha
Payment Process: Friday to Friday

Each id get minimum balance 1$,  before 1$ your id blocked your not get payment

Work Demo Video Clip:-

System to System Connect soft link
Winrar Soft

Dot Net Soft: